Note: Thank you for your interest in our projects! We hope you enjoy browsing around. If you have any questions that aren't answered on one of our pages, please feel free to contact us via email or the contact form - Zorav (Mel) will usually get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

We are the Guild Wars 2 Artist Collective, making officially sponsored collaborative items for the Guild Wars 2 universe. Our current projects consist of the summer and winter cycle projects bi-annually, and is run by Creative Partner Zorav. 

The summer project is a rotating topic collaboration that dedicates itself to the core of the game. We aim to portray the game as faithfully as we can, in both writing and illustrations, as well as bringing to light various aspects of the game in creative ways. We don't just seek to portray the world, but to truly dig into what makes the game unique. 

Tyrian Tarot, one of the highest grossing crowdfunded tarot campaigns in history, was our summer 2018 project, which had 103 individual tarot cards (78 main cards and 25 wild cards), physically printed in a 330 gsm cardstock with a gilded edge. It came with a selection of 8 pins, a hard cover 264 page guidebook, and more. If you bought the set, it is being mailed during the designated period of Aug. 30 to Nov. 30th (the NA region is nearly complete; EU is commencing currently). The charity donation for this project will be made once shipment concludes. 

Our annual winter project, the Wintersday Fanzine, aims to bring together creators from around the fandom and showcase a variety of talents, from mediums to different styles. The first annual (2017), named "Chimes," was centered around the Wintersday holiday, while 2018 is named "Journeys" and circles around the adventure of each player of the game, bringing readers back with us on our favorite moments in Guild Wars 2. 

Journeys is on sale now until Nov. 15. Please note that we do have tiered shipments, so only the first 500 from each location have guaranteed ship dates. 

Extra Tyrian Tarot copies will be available on a first come, first serve basis. (We release extras as we finish shipping segments.) 

Thank you for all of your interest and love!